About Dr. Daniel

‍‍‍• Colorado State University, 1988‍‍‍-1992, Bachelors in Psychology

• Washington State University, 1993-1997, Doctorate in Counseling Psychology‍‍‍

• University of Texas Medical Branch, Psychology Residency

• Brooke Army Medical Center, Behavioral Health Post-doctoral Fellowship

• International OCD Foundation’s Behavior Therapy Training ‍‍‍Institute (BTTI) Graduate

Clin‍‍‍ical Experiences:
• Brooke Army Medical Center Health Psychologist primarily working in the Internal Medicine Clinic

• Director of US Injury Rehabilitation Clinics

• Priv‍‍‍ate Practice

• Adjunct Faculty at Our Lady of the Lake University teaching doctoral level Health Psychology courses

Areas of Clinical Interest and Focus:
• Overcoming anxiety including daily worry, panic attacks, and obsessive thinking

• Coping with the death of a loved one‍‍‍

• Adjusting to medical illness and treatments‍‍‍

• Creating a healthy lifestyle and balanced living

Things that bring me joy:
• Traveling
• Time with family and friends
Outdoor activities–hiking, running, skiing
• Relaxing with my puppy
• All kinds of weather–sunshine, rain, snow, cloudy days
• A great meal
• Going out for breakfast
• Sitting on a quiet patio
• Seeing others learn to embrace life

Things that I find less desirable:

•‍‍‍ U‍‍‍nrelenting heat

• ‍‍‍Having to replace things that i already own

• ‍‍‍Pe‍‍‍ople not willing to take responsibility for their lives

•‍‍‍ Being‍‍‍ geographically far away from those i love

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